Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafting with Deer


Greetings from the drowned city of Delhi. We have had rain every day since my return and apparently a week before that. The monsoon should have stopped weeks ago – thank you climate change (that is sarcasm in case you can’t tell due to no tone of voice).

Since it is raining, I’ve spent way, way too much time inside. Saturday the clouds parted for part of the day, so Alex and I ventured into Delhi. We had heard great things about the craft museum and decided to check it out. Everything I had heard was true and more. It is a fascinating place where you can be amazed by row after row of saris (hundreds in every style) or wowed by a wall mural being painted right before your eyes. The store is just as amazing as the museum as they have the artisans there to sell their craft – most of whom take the time to actually produce their craft in between customers. Finally in the center of their store/market area there is a dance floor. This month’s dance group is from Orissa – they were so talented and so young.

Then we had lunch at the Andhra Pradesh state cafeteria/restaurant. We had been warned there is always a line. When we got there, people were out the door and there was a rabid crowd at the desk pushing each other out of the way trying to obtain a ticket. You pay first and get a ticket with a number – when your number is called you are seated. That is unless you look a little different and you distinguish yourself by standing on the stairwell (really just to get away from the mayhem), then you just get seated as soon as there is a table (skipping 20 groups of people!). The food was amazing. I’m growing quite fond of thali plates as it allows you to try so many different curries at once. The drawback is that you have no idea what the curries are, but they are always delicious.

Sunday it rained all day, but I was getting stir crazy, so I did take a walk through Deer Park. I finally found the deer. They are in a very small little fenced area, which sort of suits them because they are very small deer. Deer Park itself is incredible with loads of ruins (several mausoleums with the bodies still there as far as I could tell!).



And, on Monday Airtel finally got our internet to work. Can I hear a halleluiah? All photos have been posted on Flickr:

Saturday Alex and I are taking a field trip to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple and the border ceremony. We are taking the overnight train on Friday and returning Saturday night. Well that is the plan anyway; we are still on the waiting list for beds (this happened last time too).

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