Thursday, December 2, 2010

And the food that we ate

Alex's going away not only included a wonderful afternoon in Lodi Gardens. It also included a lot of food. We ate well. I don't have shots from high tea (I used the Holga, so you'll just have to wait until I develop the film), but I have photos from everything else.

First we had dinner at The Kitchen (Khan Market) with my friend Ben and his friend Ben. They just got back from trekking in the mountains (very jealous).


Then we had lunch at Andhra Pradesh Bhawan. Every state in India has a house in Delhi. This is like a hotel . I’m not sure what the criteria is for staying there; I’ve been told you just have to be a resident of the state. Anyway, most of them have cafeterias. Andhra Pradesh has one of the best cafeterias and normally you have to wait a while to get seated. I figured out a couple of weeks ago that if you arrive around noon you will be seated relatively quickly. The food is thali and delivered regularly to you by men walking around with buckets of it. It is incredibly good. But they do scoot you out once you are done. No time to digest a little.



On Monday we had dinner at Olives, a Mediterranean restaurant. We ate there mainly for the setting and the music -- luckily the food is incredible. Check out my desert...