Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coyote Wall hike

We wanted to go for a hike. Hood was on fire, and thus every trail I chose was closed due to the smoke. So we had to go further and ended up in an area that actually looked more like California than Oregon. But it was still nice. Hot, because it was one of the Portland area's hottest weekends (this is a trend for me this summer), but still nice. Wildlife sightings included a rattlesnake and two deer.

JOL_0772 JOL_0768 JOL_0765 JOL_0758 JOL_0774 JOL_0738 JOL_0730 JOL_0683 JOL_0708 JOL_0700
That's Mt. Hood behind all that smoke:

This is a cattle chute. I have no idea how that works...