Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grand Tetons National Park; Part II

I was lucky this year to be sent to Grand Tetons National Park for work this year. It is a really beautiful place!

JOL_1636 JOL_1732 JOL_1647 JOL_1657 JOL_1660 JOL_1680 JOL_1772 JOL_1795 JOL_1804 JOL_1809 JOL_1811 JOL_1852 JOL_1856 JOL_1863 JOL_1868 JOL_1902 JOL_1982-1 JOL_1999 JOL_2067 JOL_2107 JOL_2132 JOL_2153