Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arkadi Day

Remember the monastery we visited where the Cretans blew themselves up rather than be taken by the Turks?  Well the anniversary of that dreadful day is Nov. 9 and we were in Rethymno for it.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Rethymno's parade in remembrance of this date is actually held Nov. 8.  So we missed the parade (actually, we wouldn't have except that they stop bus service around the parade, which means we had to walk into town, which took more than an hour). 

But we got to see some of the aftermath of the parade.  School kids figure prominently in the parade, so Rethymno's old town was really busy with kids-- they get the day off from school.  It was by far the busiest we ever saw town.





You know how I feel about motorized vehicles on sidewalks. I learned this from my mom, who was also crazy upset when people insisted on driving where they shouldn't (which was super common in the old towns of these towns).


Close-up of Rethymno's Venetian fountain...