Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biking highs and low

I spent the month of August training for Climate Ride, which I just finished.  So I'm taking today to tell you about some of my training rides.  My old Bianchi Boardwalk was not going to cut it for this ride, so I upgraded to a Surly Long-haul Trucker.  This is a fabulous bike!  One of my fellow Climate Riders called it the Cadillac of bikes and I can't argue with that statement.

I road 938.48 miles since July 28 (the day I bought Scottie 1, my new bike).  One weekend training ride my friend Jessica and I rode down to Half Moon Bay.  There and back is 87 miles, but the real training came on the return when we took a wrong turn and accidentally climbed a mountain.  8 miles to get up 1700 ft!  O.k. we walked it (technically it was a mountain bike trail and we were not on mountain bikes).  But still, my bike was fully loaded with camping gear, so this was quite a work out. 

But the entire route was quite beautiful.

First, we stopped in Pacifica for a snack after climbing the hills of Daly City!


Pacifica has a nice trail system.


Old Highway 1 -- now a mountain bike trail. But you can either walk this or ride over what they call the Devil's Slide on Highway 1!



Coffee break in Half Moon Bay...



Still smiling despite climbing a mountain!

On Labor Day we rode to Tiburon to Paradise Loop. A very pleasant 40 mile ride.


And then Scottie 1 was stolen. (That would be the low in the title.) I had it cable locked outside of the Ferry Building on a very busy day, and yet someone came up and cleanly cut the cable. So I went back to the bike shop and bought Scottie 2. I just felt that I had invested so much time in training, I had to go to the bike ride. But more on that later....