Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exploring beyond my backyard

So I don't think there is any debate around the fact that I live in the greatest neighborhood in San Francisco. And if you are a regular reader, you know that the Mission is not only fabulous, but very photogenic.

But sometimes I get in a little rut.  Luckily, due to good friends departing (luckily?) and bike training, I ventured out a bit more in August.

I went to Chez Panisse in Berkeley for dinner with friends.  Since I never go to Berkeley I thought I'd explore a bit.  It is like a fancier Mission, so frankly, not quite as photogenic (I like grit).  But Chez Panisse was incredible. We ate in the cafe -- I'm not sure I'll ever think the prices in the restaurant are reasonable. 





And then I biked down to Pacifica to train. Not a lot of mileage between the Mission and Pacifica, but there is a lot of climbing between them. Who knew Daly City was on top of mountains?