Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meeting the new nephew

I got a brand new nephew in Nov. This was a nice addition, because frankly the old nephew was getting a little old (he is six). Just kidding.

I got to meet the newbie at Christmas. Being less than 2 months old means he is still in the "no neck power" category of babyhood that I tend to resist (childhood trauma).  Still, he is pretty cute and generally a very satisfied kid.  I say "satisfied" because he doesn't smile a lot, but he also doesn't cry a lot.  So I'm assuming he is generally satisfied with life, but not overly excited about it yet.  I think this is a good place for him to be, considering he can't even hold his head up yet.

Big brother is very happy (though a bit jealous at the attention he receives).


This is my favorite shot of the baby...


He needs a thought bubble here that would say, "Aunt Jessica why have you put this irritating hat on my head when I'm inside? And why have you stopped my lovely swing?"

He is just learning that a camera in your face means you should smile...

Since I have giant feet, I tend to be a bit obsessive about cute baby feet

He got this dog pillow for Christmas and really loves it...

And being a baby, he sleeps a lot...