Monday, January 21, 2013

Nephew photo shoot

My sister and mom were teasing me because when Nephew#1 had his first Christmas I took maybe 500 photos. I made them each a little flip book of basically the same photo over and over again. They were pondering (in a teasing manner) how many photos I'd take of Nephew#2 on his first Christmas.

The difference being that Nephew#1 was 9 months old at his first Christmas and Nephew#2 was only 2 months old. The amount of activity is staggeringly different at these age points. Thus, as with all #2s, Nephew#2 got shafted.

And frankly, by the end of my time in NC, I was beginning to feel bad about this. So to take care of the inequality, I made them do a photo shoot.

Generally I'm opposed to posed photos. I will do the standard stand-in-front-of-this-site photo, but generally I like to catch children off-guard. Particularly after they create their "photo smile."

But when you are trying to capture a 6-year-old and a 2-month-old, well, you have to pose them. Although I did get a few semi-casual shots. Nephew#1 got bored very quickly. Nephew#2 proved pretty compliant to the photo shoot, but I suppose once he is mobile that will be over.









This is my sibling rivalry shot, though honestly I think Newphew#1 was just bored at this point...

Nephew#2 fell asleep...


And then Nephew#2 started ignoring me...

And that was the end of the photo shoot.