Monday, January 14, 2013

Town Creek Indian Mound

My nephew asked me several times if there are "real" Indians in India (mainly because I think I'm the only person he knows who has been to India).  This caused me to realize how difficult it must be for little kids to understand that American Indians or Native Americans are totally different from Indians from India.  Since my nephew lives in NC and Cherokee Nation in NC prefers "American Indian" to "Native American," being politically correct makes this concept more challenging for a young child to understand.  I tried to explain, but I think this concept may take a bit more maturity.

My brother-in-law remembered an interesting park he used to go to a lot as a kid.  So we went on a field trip to the Town Creek Indian Mound. 

The Indian Mound is believed to date from the 11th Century when a people we call the Pee Dee Nation lived in this area (no one knows what they called themselves).  There is a temple on the mound, the center area was for games (the pole) and ceremonies, there was a building for burials, and another temple building.  All the current buildings were, of course, rebuilt-- everything is based on extensive archeological studies.




Easton got some great naps out of all of our excursions...



Inside the temple on the mound