Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Biking Soquel to PG

Like I said in my last post, I've been doing a lot of biking lately.  The weather has been nice and I needed the exercise.  My previous posts about long bike rides were to train for a weekend ride from Soquel to Pacific Grove (PG).  Nearly 100 miles over 2 days.  It was quite beautiful and a nice group of people were on the ride.

Generally, if I have to carry clothes and overnight stuff, I don't take my good camera.  I always regret it, but I just can't handle the extra weight on a long ride.  I'm a bit of a hill-wimp and any extra weight makes getting up the hills even worse. 

But I have a little Cannon Powershot S-90 which takes fairly nice photos and is quite lite.  Unfortunately, it has no view finder, and thus, when it is sunny, it is incredibly hard to frame a shot.  This makes me not take as many photos as I'd like.  And since I'm a slow biker, I'm usually in the back of a pack, which also prevents me from stopping and taking pictures.

All this to say, there aren't many photos from 2 days outside.

The destination...



The group -- this was a meet-up ride, so I only knew one person before we headed out.


Haute Enchilada (Moss Landing) had to put out their sign because of us...