Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding Motivation

So I'm a much more motivated person when I'm busy. I'm not the type that needs time to do things, I just need to have a lot to do and then I'll get it all done. I realize that sounds counter intuitive, but that is how I am.

Take this blog. It has been about a month since I announced on my old blog that I'd be starting a new one. When I was fully employed and quite busy, I wrote entries for that blog on a very regular basis. I took new photos at least once a week. I did stuff.

Now I'm unemployed and have all day everyday to walk around and take photographs and write blog entries. Now I can blame the lack of blog entries on not having anything to say, but I can't blame the lack of photography on that.

So my new leaf for March (starting this last week in February) is that I have to write at least one entry here and go out and spend at least one afternoon taking pictures. I took pictures twice this week, so I'm halfway there and now I'm writing an entry so I guess I succeeded this week.

Maybe I should take a moment to mention what this blog is going to be about. Um, nothing. I know that has been done, but I don't want to confine myself. I'm calling it Greenatopia as that is where I'd like to live. I'd like to say that is Portland, but without work it is far from the "utopia" of which I dream. I'm going to go on record saying that I believe wherever I eventually find work could become greenatopia for me -- I just hope that is sooner rather than later.

Photography will definitely be a big part of this blog, no matter what. So here are a few from this week's excursions. Portland has so many unique neighborhoods and people really weirdify their yards, so it is great for photography. Plus it was randomly sunny this week. Go figure.
And I just really like the colors in this one.