Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sewing Fool

So this week I was rather productive. I sewed. I made a little lap quilt out of remnants from a sample book that I purchased for a whole four dollars. I made my friend new pillow cases for her couch to brighten up the basement. I recovered the duvet that sits in the basement to keep us warm. I'm currently making a new belt and I'm thinking of making a new bag too.
Yep, very productive. I also had an interview this week, which always makes me a bit more chipper. I'm not speculating on whether this will become a job because when I do that it always turns out bad. So we'll just keep our fingers crossed and our hopes grounded.

In keeping with my promise of taking photos and blogging at least once a week, I took a walk down Alberta St. The thing with Portland is that it can be really beautiful and sunny when you walk out of the house and less than an hour later it can be pouring. The rain happens that quickly. So I only got to take photos for about an hour. Anyway, there are a few I like:
Finally I just want to do a shout out to Obama for actually reading the Endangered Species Act and understanding its relevance and importance. That is right people -- you once again will need to be concerned about whether your development is hurting threatened or endangered species. Ah, all is becoming right in the world.