Friday, July 17, 2009

Neglegent Writer

It has been a month since I wrote a blog. I promise I'm going to try to be better.

So what has happened since I last wrote. Hmm, well San Francisco celebrated Gay Pride with a week of festivities that culminated in a parade. I was having friends over for dinner that night so I didn't get to stay for the entire thing. Since I showed up right as it was starting I didn't have a great view, and thus my photos are less than exciting. So I won't be showing them here.

Some co-workers and I headed over the badlands for a night hike on the full moon. It was lovely and we've decided to do it again next month. I will be sure to take a tripod with me next time because there are some awesome shots to be had if you can just hold your camera still.

I feel I did get a couple of good shots, however, when the sun was setting.

Then my mom came to visit. She came for a week and it was really fun having her here. We did all the stereotypical San Francisco tourist things since she had never been here before. I only had my camera for one day, but I love how the fog was hiding the Golden Gate Bridge.
The sun chose to come out while we were at the Botanical Gardens.

As an added bonus, a pretty hummingbird decided he would sit around be photographed for several minutes.
And while I'm rambling, I have a few words on bicycle commuting in San Francisco. It is funny, my big complaint isn't with the crazy drivers (in fact, the drivers are much better here than in DC -- that isn't to say that they aren't bad drivers on occasion), but the other cyclists. There seems to be a great need to be in the front of the biking pack. Now I'm a very competitive person (if you have ever played cards with me, you know this is true), but I don't understand the need to be the lead from one stop light to the next. So I'm not riding to be that lead biker. That said, I can not abide the people who push themselves to get in front of another cyclist and then go back to their normal pace, thus causing the other cyclist to have to pull back. Augh! If you aren't going to stay at the pace you were going to pass me, then you shouldn't pass me. It is so frustrating.