Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Week

We have a crazy week at work. Not one, not two, but three full events with outside (read: prospects) guests. I feel like I'm walking through jello. I'm not a big fan of not having one person in full control of such things, and unfortunately, that is how we are running these events. I've put in my goals to control these things in the future, so hopefully this will be the only time this happens.

Meanwhile, I had a nice weekend. I climbed Bernal Heights, which is this hill that I bike towards but never reach on my way home from work. As a hike, it wasn't very impressive, though there is a nice view at the top. Some time this week I'll have to bike up it because that will be a good workout.

Speaking of biking, I am now fully back to bicycle commuting. I started last week. I tried it a couple of times with my red bike (a bike I bought used when in Florida and my mom accidentally put it on the moving truck, so now it is here), but that bike doesn't have a rack, so I couldn't use my panniers. So my big tip of the week if you are thinking of bicycle commuting: put a rack on your bike and invest in good panniers. Having nothing on your shoulders makes the ride so much more enjoyable and it really is safer for your neck and back (in terms of long-term injuries).

I also went to the San Francisco Zoo. They finally settled with the brothers of the kids who was killed by the tiger more than a year ago. I've decided that this epitomizes exactly what is wrong in America today -- these kids taunted tigers and their families made money off it. Really we should stop rewarding stupidity. I've said it once, but I'll say it again, zoo animals are not pets. They are not domesticated. If you dangle prey in front of a carnivore, it will attack.

Anyway, some photos for your Tuesday viewing pleasure.