Monday, January 18, 2010

A week in the burbs

I was dog/cat sitting in the distant burbs this past week. The commute always kills me -- it takes so long and I'm not getting any exercise out of it. Which means I have to try to sneak in random bike rides, which I did not do a good job of this last week (it is dark when I leave and when I return from work).

Plus the residents of the burbs were very rude this weekend. So I'm going to take a moment to once again remind you (all two of you who read this and already know this rule) that bikes are supposed to be on the road. I realize out there in the burbs that the majority of cyclists are on the sidewalk, but they are breaking the law. I will not do that. I refuse to. It is difficult to bike on the sidewalk and it is dangerous to pedestrians. Every state in this country has the same rule for this for a reason -- bikes are vehicles and they belong on the road.

Not only that, but it is quite dangerous to honk your horn at a cyclist without an actual reason to do so. Someday I challenge you to get our of your car and have someone else honk that horn. That is right, the thing is freakin loud. It is not meant for pedestrians, cyclists, or anyone else that exists outside of a metal box. So start behaving or I'm going to start writing down license plate numbers. Actually, I think the police department should deputize me -- people seem to forget the laws when they are around me.

Anyway, back to the normal, visually stimulating blog. Photos from the burbs brought to you by my Lens Baby (still getting used to it)...