Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My life as a hobo


So I am now fully moved into a lovely apartment in Sardarjung Enclave, right next to the tennis stadium (that is what you have to tell autos to get there). Deer Park is a two-minute walk and the new office takes about 25 minutes to walk to (if we ever move in to the new office).

The apartment is really nice, much nicer than the one I lost. Our living room is extremely bright and has a really large terrace off of it (with big glass doors leading out to it). The kitchen is your standard Indian apartment kitchen with a burner and a refrigerator, but not much else. We do have a microwave, which is funny because I don’t have one in the States.

Alex and I have our own bedrooms with attached bathrooms. We even have hot water, which I figured out how to use last night. In Sri Lanka, if you had hot water (which I did not) it was heated by solar panels and you didn’t do anything to use it. In India it is heated in a large tank that hangs above the shower. You turn this on at the outlet and then wait about 20 minutes for the water to heat up. Then you just turn on your tap and it is magically hot.

As for last weekend, well it turns out we didn’t actually have seats on the train, but were on the waitlist. When the chart was made, Makeeba, Colin, and Alex all got seats and I was number one on the waitlist. We were told to go and I’d definitely get a seat.

But that was just it, we had seats. We had ordered berths. This was an overnight train for two days in Udaipur and then we were taking an overnight train back (for which we were also still on the waitlist). We were hopeful that one other berth was abandoned so we could co-opt it. Our plan was if we had three berths we could rotate sleeping.

Just as the train began to move, the missing person showed up. So I made an executive decision that Alex and I would jump off, since we are here longer and can go later. When I say jump off, I mean we literally jumped off the train while it was starting up.

But this move was for the best. Alex and I were able to become more settled in our new apartment, I took my computer into the shop (needs a new hard drive – good thing it is still under warranty), and we were able to put some food in the fridge. Plus we could get some work done, which was really necessary.