Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have Dengue (diagnosed Aug. 28th). So this is what I’ve done since then: sleep, go to the hospital, have my platelets checked, come home, take some medicine so I can sleep, sleep, go back to the hospital, fight for my results, talk to the doctor about results (platelets are not too low), sleep some more, take some more medicine, repeat. Dengue really sucks. You are tired, you are sore (every muscle hurts), you can’t eat and when you do it doesn’t stay down. And just when you think you are all better, the rash shows up. Oh, the rash. Itchiness all night that cannot be controlled. I went 24 hours without sleeping. Before the rash, I was sleeping like 18 hours a day.

But the joy of the rash is that it is the end. The rash is the last stage and now you know that if you feel better it is for real and not a fake-out.

The rash came two days ago. It is still lingering a bit, but it is basically gone now. So it is all downhill from here. My stomach is taking food. My fever is way lower (just above 97 degrees at this point). Doctor said I can stop checking my platelets.

Saturday night I leave for vacation. I won’t write an update from Florida.