Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Changing of the Guard

Mom wasn't initially interested in walking up to the Parliament in Athens, but I really wanted to see their pompom shoes. Eventually I talked her into it and a good bit of timing luck meant we not only got to see the guard, but we got to see them change.

The changing of the guard was highly metaphoric for our trip since Greece had named a new Prime Minister the day before we arrived in Athens. Despite history being made while we stood there, you couldn't really tell on the ground. In fact, at the Parliament building it was very quiet. There were about seven other people there to watch the changing of the guard.

There were no protests in the park in front (though there was a lot of graffiti around town that hinted of previous protest). In fact, the papers were saying most Greeks were happy about the new appointment. Of course, they hadn't gotten to naming the new austerity measures at that time. Everyone knew they were coming, but I guess they were happy to enjoy a moment of optimism with a good appointment in their leadership.

And their pompom shoes are totally cute!