Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't blame Washington, DC

I've always hated when people criticize our federal government by saying things are messed up in DC. Frankly, since the District doesn't have voting representation, it is everyone else's fault our government doesn't work well.  DC is the last place to blame for this.  So the next time you want to criticize Congress, mention them by name, don't get their temporary location involved.

Meanwhile, the city of Washington, DC, is quite beautiful.  Those of us who are citizens of the U.S. can feel pretty proud of the lovely city that grew from the swamp.  Sure it has problems, no place is perfect.  But look at how our capital building shines, even on an overcast day and with earthquake damage:



When you are a tourist in DC, you can really enjoy how pretty it is, but when you live here you get to really understand DC.  I remember when I first moved to DC, I reveled in how incredible it was that I worked just a couple of blocks from the White House.  At one point my bike ride home from work took me past Union Station and the Capital and if I wanted to extend the ride, I could bike around all the monuments on the mall.  I lived a couple of blocks from Congressional Cemetery (now a dog park) where John Phillip Sousa is buried; I played in a band that practiced just a few blocks from his home.  Just across the river from my house, a mere 15-minute bike ride, the great Frederick Douglas lived in a beautiful house on a small hill.  Near my first neighborhood is where all the great jazz artists played and when you walk down U Street you can almost hear them today. 

DC is far more than the standard monuments that everyone visits.  But the monuments are nice too.


For some reason I wasn't carrying my camera when we walked around the Tidal Basin, so you get Instagrams.