Monday, July 2, 2012

Samba night!

I was on my own from the afternoon of June 21 through June 24.  I mean, I still had work to do, but I was only responsible for getting me, myself, and I around and no one else.  Which also means, since I'm not very in demand, that I could have a fun evening out.

Luckily I was part of an excellent "delegation" of funders, which included a couple of Rio experts, meaning, they knew where to go and when for excellent music.  We headed to the old part of Rio to see a Samba Orchestra at Centro Cultural Carioca.   It was pretty fantastic.  The music, that is, not necessarily the food (the vegetarian options in Rio were not great).

This club is on a beautiful square down a slightly dark alley.  Across the square is the Portuguese House of Letters (basically a library of old books from Portugal).



Giving you a feel for the room:


The amazing singers and band (yes, I bought a C.D.):



It rained that night and the ceiling was leaking on part of our delegation and the drummer (but he carried on like nothing was happening).


The band leader